•  4PCS ( 1 Pair Clear Gel Heel Pad and 1Pair Ball of Foot Cushion for Women 4-9.5 Size) Best solution for all kinds of foot disease,prevents shoes rubbing and sore heels, Ideal for high heels and boots and used for flip flop,etc, free you from foot pains and uncomfort.
  •  FOR WHO? Almost all the women,who need to wear high heels,leather shoes and sandals long time,this cushion set can help you correct longitudinal arch,metatarsal pain and forefoot pressure,keep you fulling of vitality and far away fatigue
  •  MEDICAL GEL-Both of Clear Heel Cushion and forefoor insole are made of soft and durable medical-grade polyurethane gel material,both of them are anti-slip design,which is safe to our body,no rash or heloma
  •  SELF-ADHESIVE & TRANSPARENT DESIGN-Before using them,please ensure that shoe has adequate room to stick them (recommended for one or half size bigger),clean your shoe,then stick them on the sole (heel pads and forefoot cushion can be used individually),clear color,You can have a variety of options.
  •  Shoe inserts from this set will always stay in place thanks to their ingenious sticky surface providing ultimate feet comfort.

Lify Women Transparent Silicone Self Adhesive Clear Heel Pad and Ball of Foot Cu

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