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The founder of LIFY Mr. Manish Nagda's vision is to establish an international innovative body care accessories manufacturing brand.


LIFY is a revolutionary and innovative shoe and foot care brand. The founder once met a military officer whose promotion was stuck due to his flat foot problem, at that time The founder Mr. Manish recently bought a foot care silicon product from his foreign trip and thought to help the gentlemen by sharing his footcare item, The military gentlemen felt great after using and shared his experience that he felt so comfortable while running and walking. 


It was the eureka moment for the founder and he decided to start the brand called LIFY. As India was an untapped market for such foot care accessories product and demand was huge with the help of his wide range of suppliers across the globe.  Eventually, so many people already started liking LIFY's products for outstanding foot care and body care related accessories. 


Hence the brand started shaping up and quickly got famous on Amazon and eBay for their unique products,

Now it's India's NO 1-foot care accessories brand.   

Our mission

"To establish innovatively brand and help people through Body care accessories "

Reflexology Therapy
Black Gym Shoes

Our vision

" Establishing an international innovative body care accessories manufacturing Brand "

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