• Package Include:- Clear Heel pad (1 Pair), Clear Heel Grip/ Liner (1 Pair) & Ball Of foot Cushion (1 Pair) Color: Transparent. Material: Silicone gel.
  • Soft and flexible gel insoles, provide ideal solution for those with flat feet, rigid steps, high, weak, fallen arches, forefoot pain and heel pain.
  • Unisex combo of heel liner, heel pad & ball of the foot padding for high heels or any shoe that needs padding
  • Clear (so they aren't ugly) and self-adhesive (so you can stick on and go)
  • PU gel is soft, long lasting & doesn't get dirty or stink like foam

Lify Transparent Silicone Adhesive Heel Grip/Heel Liner (1Pair), Ball of Foot Cu

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